Sony PCVA-15XTAP2 monitor

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Mon Oct 11 17:41:20 BST 2004

It's designed for the Sony Vio so the answer is no, you will not be able to
get it to run from an agp. It requires a combined sound, video and power

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>Someone's offered me one of these monitors,  a Sony PCVA-15XTAP2. I really
>don't know anything about it, except that it's widescreen and has a
>non-standard connector of some sort - power and signal through the same
>cable, apparently (I haven't actually seen it yet). Does anyone know
>about making it work (will I be able to run it with an adapter from my
>current generic agp card?) and specifically making it work with Xorg?
>Searching on the Sony site comes up with nothing, and I've googled around
>found pretty much the same there.
>Thanks a lot,
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