Just had to patch mysql-navigator

Andrew Boxer andrew.boxer at theboxers.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 00:27:14 GMT 2004


greetings from a freebsd convert, I recently set up my first freebsd box (and 
then set it up again and again and again :-) and I now have a 5.3-RELEASE 
system which I am growing to like more and more (the wife would use stronger 
terms I'm sure).

Anyway I am setting it up as a dev box and have been happily installing 
kDevelop, KWebdev, Apache, MySQL and associated odds and pieces amongst which 
was the mysql-navigator this I had to patch in order to get it to compile, 
I'm not now sure who I should inform of the required patch (it involves 
adding a parameter to a function call which it seems may be set to have a 
default value in another incarnation) since this info may be useful for 
others who wish to install the navigator.

Any advice would be most appreciated (even if it consists of don't be daft 
no-one would want to do that!!)

I will of course supply full details of the system onto which I was installing 
it and the patch required, whilst I'm a developer of some years I am yet to 
get familiar with the ports / patch system enough to craft the patch myself.



'The first step is never the begining of the journey'

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