Cambridge area FreeBSD users: dinner on Wednesday night, Thai?

Robert Watson rwatson at
Sat Nov 20 18:07:00 GMT 2004

Since last week's mini-gathering on Monday seemed enjoyable for all, a few
of us are thinking of doing it again at a different venue next week.  Only
Wednesday, instead of Monday, due to scheduling collisions involving
bells.  The current thinking is at 7:30 on Wednesday in Newnham Villege
for Thai food.  If you are interested and want to attend, drop me an
e-mail sometime in the next day or so; the restaurant we have in mind
benefits from reservations.  Name of venue witheld to encourage RSVPs.  If
Wednesday works out day-of-week wise for most interested, we'll probably
stick to a schedule of every other Wednesday in Cambridge, and see if we
can't encourage people from further afield to join us :-).

Robert N M Watson             FreeBSD Core Team, TrustedBSD Projects
robert at      Principal Research Scientist, McAfee Research

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