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John Seago johnseago at
Sat Nov 20 11:30:07 GMT 2004

On Saturday 20 Nov 2004 00:20, Aled Morris <aledm at> wrote:

> I need a Linux box for a customer and as I've no experience with Linux at
> all, I downloaded the ISO for Gentoo based on comments like yours
> regarding it being "like BSD".
> I'm amazed that Linux is soooo popular when it can be this painful!

If you need to provide a third party with a 'Linux' box, then try 
Slackware. Slackware works/is designed on the @keep it simple, stupid' 
basis, the install is very similar to that of FreeBSD, (text based), 
having installed, as far as I can remember all that is needed further is 
to give the command "xorgconfig" and to set up sound using alsa, for which 
instructions are given on first log on as root. 

There is however no package manager other than the Slackware pkgtool system 
packages can be obtained from:, the usual 
method however is to install from source, <./configure>, <make>, 
<makeinstall>, or in lieu of this last step see:

John Seago
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