RW list-freebsd-2004 at morbius.sent.com
Fri Nov 19 16:11:42 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 16:01, John Murphy wrote:
> John Seago wrote:
> >I think I may have identified the problem, as far as i can see the X
> > (XOrg) server is not starting on boot.
> Ahh, you're probably looking for the functionality provided by a
> "Display Manager".  Easiest/best for you would probably be to use
> the buit-in (kde) "Login Manager".  Start X manually for now with
> 'startx' (I'm presuming you've setup your .xinitrc by now) and go:
> Control Center -> System Administration -> Login Manager and
> configure to taste.

IIRC you also need to manually edit  /etc/ttys and change  the ttyv8 entry to

ttyv8 " /usr/local/bin/kdm -nodaemon"   xterm   on secure

(comment out any pre-existing  line that has xdm in it) Once you have done 
this the excellent KDE login manager should start automatically on boot, you 
can select KDE as your session and them login.

If you run into any trouble you can go to the main system console (ttyv0) with 
ctrl-alt-F1  or open ordinary consoles with ctrl-alt-F[2-8]. KDM (and KDE) 
can be returned to with ctrl-alt-F9 (which is ttyv8).

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