John Seago johnseago at two-ravens.org.uk
Fri Nov 19 13:53:54 GMT 2004

On Friday 19 Nov 2004 12:00,  John Murphy <sub01 at freeode.co.uk> wrote:
> I presume Slackware installed and configured X and kde for you. =A0Fbsd
> 5.3 doesn't excel in that area.

No it doesn't, the install is roughly the same as that for FreeBSD, in fact=
it is reputed to be the nearest thing to FreeBSD without being FreeBSD,=20
which is why it is the 'preferred' alternative distribution for many=20
Slackware users. It is only recently that Slackware has gone from a one=20
CD, to a two CD set because of the size of a full install of Gnome or KDE,=
(both on the second disk). I have always used the dialogue, text=20
configuration, for both versions of 'X' and then the menu to choose the=20
desktop, exactly the same as FreeBSD up to 5.3 as I am just not getting=20
the configure 'X' menu or the configure desktop menu, and I cant see why=20

Did those of you reading this list who have installed 5.3, get the=20
configure X and configure desktop menus following the mouse menu? I=20
thought that it may be the CD I burnt so I made a new one and tried that=20
this morning, previous results pertain.

If I have to learn to use the FreeBSD command line before I can arrive at=20
an installation that suits my needs, then it might be easier for me to=20
install Debian which presents me with a package system similar to 'ports'=20
which I know I can install.=20

Why has the installation method for FreeBSD changed in these two respects?=
I find that it is preventing me from making an install that 'I' can use.=20
Yes, it may be the case that using the command line is the 'one true way',=
that is the 'gospel' in Slackware too, and I find that I can in some=20
circumstances make limited use of it, I am usually surprised that I know=20
more than I think I do. However if I've got to engage in a steep learning=20
curve just to get the thing installed, and then learn to configure it to=20
get it to open Kmail in less than 2 minutes from typing <startx>, its=20
utility begins to come into question.=20

I am grateful for all the help that all have offered, however I need to be=
able to get it to install using the menus that were previously there, not=20
to have learn how to install it from the command line. As I pointed out=20
earlier xorgconfig, (run from the command line), gives me the text=20
dialogue but without the chioce of keyboard, and even then 'X' does not=20
work. I have got it to give me 'X' before and I'll have to keep plugging=20
away until I can get it to install. As a recruitment incentive to FreeBSD,=
5.3 is not terribly appealing. =20

John Seago
Linux User #219566 (http://counter.li.org)

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