OT: D-Link DSL-300G+ Ethernet modem

Serge -Intraforumwebmail- serge at intraforum.net
Thu Nov 18 20:24:17 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Some time ago somebody on the list asked about ADSL Ethernet
modem,  I've got "D-Link DSL-300G+ Ethernet", which I would
be happy to donate to a good cause (works OK -- modem, PSU,
vendor's manual & CD, no wires, but that shouldn't be a
problem), I can send it anywhere in the UK, in return I can
use some help with re-configuring "Zyxel Prestige 650H" ADSL
router (it works perfectly, I only need to re-configure it
from DHCP/NAT to 5x open IP addresses, actually I can get
it to work NAT or no-NAT, but still there's a couple of
points that I would like to clarify with more knowledgeable

If the above sounds like a fair deal, please email me off
the list.



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