John Seago johnseago at two-ravens.org.uk
Wed Nov 17 18:00:22 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 17 Nov 2004 12:00, freebsd-users-request at uk.freebsd.org wrote:
> Start X manually for now with 'startx' (I'm presuming you've setup 
> your .xinitrc by now) and go: Control Center -> System Administration -> 
> Login Manager and configure to taste.

I'm coming to FreeBSD from Slackware, <startx> is what I'm using, the error 
message is, > X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit Kill or server 

I lack the experience or skills base to repair a broken install from the 
command line, I do either need the GUI or Midnight Commander. I do, being 
retired have the time to keep re-installing to get it right. Whilst I did 
get the install right, insofar as I got one of the other window managers 
at the beginning of this saga, but since then have not seemed able to get 
'X' running. It must be something I am doing during the install, I'll read 
the manual again and have more attempts later in the week. 

I have no idea what my .xinitrc is!

I had 4.10 in, running 'X' with KDE and reading and sending both Email and 
news. However, it was very slow. I had assumed that perhaps 5.3 would be 
an improvement, but I can't get it to install... at the moment.

I will get this running!     

John Seago
Linux User #219566 (http://counter.li.org)

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