John Seago johnseago at two-ravens.org.uk
Mon Nov 15 17:06:25 GMT 2004

Todays results:
I re-installed 4.10, and following that 5.2.1, and these confirmed what I 
had found; that following the menu for configuring the mouse, 5.3 is not 
offering ME, ( I'm not suggesting that this is anything other than my 
incompetence), the menu that offers a choice of configuring methods for X, 
(this being 5.3, XOrg) or the menu for choosing the Desktop.

This being the case I installed 5.3 from the CD and once installed did 
'xorgconfig' at the command line, I then got the usual dialogue, WITHOUT, 
the choice of keyboard. 

My problem once again is that I do not have either the experience or 
knowledge to know what I'm doing wrong, I did this time leave the install 
with the auto choice of partitioning.  
John Seago
Linux User #219566 (http://counter.li.org)

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