Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Mon Nov 15 16:25:55 GMT 2004

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 01:26:00PM +0000, Gary wrote:

> Its quite hard evangelising software when the version you can install 
> from ports is not quite the latest version. But it works! and this is  a 
> big bonus.

Well, the kind of guys who always want the latest version are also the
guys who are suprised when their machines crash every 10 minutes.

> The same here with the UK keyboard. I must admit configuring X is not so 
> easy compared to other releases. Well done.

Well, there is a school of thought that says it shouldn't be easy. I
think there is room to make it easier, but then we end up on an age-old

> As noted, it took all of 2 seconds to add this. The manual was the 
> reference but loads of people in the irc channel got stuck at this 
> point. They are newbies to FreeBSD and linux in general. I included this 
> line in case someone else was stuck here too :)

Fair enough. 

> The problem here is that I did not have a USB mouse. I assumed that when 
> I plugged one in, that it would work. At the time of installing there 
> was no such luxury. The touchpad thing was the only pointy interface.

Again, with touchpads I've never had any problems. Sorry for misreading
your original post - I mustn't have had enough coffee.

> >There is a gap in the market for you to make a submission then? :-)
> Hold a minute there partner ;). It is a gap. A mighty gap where my 
> skills will not even make slightest of difference. (Apart from testing 
> it of course)

Well, you've already done most of the work by getting it working. So all
you need to do now is write that up, post it somewhere that it can then
get documented, and perhaps somebody else will do the easy bit. :-)

> The handbook is very good. But it doesnt have a chapter on 'How to make 
> the machine do something useful.' ;) Its more like 'This is how it works' :)

Ahhh, well, most of us already have the use in mind and are thinking
mail server/web server/programming environment when we start out.

The desktop component of FreeBSD is something which gets much discussion
around these parts on a regular basis. Some think it shouldn't even get
considered, others think we should aim to make it as useable as
possible. There is a divide which is unlikely to be crossed any time
soon as the consensus is we stay where we are.

Paul Robinson

"All I know is I'm not a Marxist" - Karl Marx

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