Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Mon Nov 15 08:20:31 GMT 2004

On Sun, Nov 14, 2004 at 11:37:54PM +0000, Gary wrote:

> I can see the frustration of John in this thread. There seems to be a 
> lot of things you would need to know to get started. IMHO coming to 
> FreeBSD as a linux user could be a bit daunting too :-)

Coming to Linux as a Windows or Mac user would probably be a bit
daunting too. We should not be comparing how similar FreeBSD is to 
Linux, but instead be concentrating in what ways it is better, surely?

> 2. I had to manually configure the X server stuff, but it took a few 
> minutes to realise its now called xorgconfig (Or something to that affect ;)

To be fair, that caught me out first time too. Fortunately though, X.org
will actually do a reasonable job of running on my hardware without a
config file - it just takes a guess and gets it right. The only reason
why I even bothered sorting out a config, is becayse I wanted a UK keyboard
layout (obviously) and some odd font paths picking up.

> 3. Doing an 'echo startkde > .xinitrc' sorted KDE. Typing startx worked 
> as usual.

This isn't new behaviour, nor is it undocumented - it's been in the
Handbook for some time. As was the sound stuff you needed. It's worth
remembering for future reference that the Handbook high quality,
completely free (although you can buy a copy if you want) and
up-to-date for the release you're using.

> This laptop has no PS/2 ports. Only 2 USB ports. The only bits in 
> /stand/sysinstall was to use one of the com ports, or the ps/2 port 
> called /dev/psm0. For those reading this far already possibly know what 
> comes next. I fiddled about with various things to no avail. My touchpad 
> was dead. I have had to add the following line to /boot/device.hints
> hint.psm.0.flags="0x100" and voila, reboot, it worked. I now had a 
> /dev/psm0 device.

Whenever I've just told /stand/sysinstall to run moused it's "just
worked" no matter what type of physical interface my mouse was connected
via. I've had zero problems with PS/2 or USB mice since, well, ever.

> configure it. Although  WPA-PSK is not available, you can use the WEP 
> settings. The only thing I havent figured out yet is how to enable the 
> card on startup to work with the correct settings _without_ a custom script.

There is a gap in the market for you to make a submission then? :-)

> PS: If there is one book to get, Absolute BSD is an excellent starting 
> point.

And of course the completely free Handbook available both on the website
and in /usr/share/doc/en/books/handbook is pretty damned handy as well
seeing as it would seem it would have saved you a lot of messing around
and is completely up-to-date with the 5.3-RELEASE you were playing with.

Paul Robinson

"All I know is I'm not a Marxist" - Karl Marx

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