Adrian Wontroba aw1 at stade.co.uk
Mon Nov 15 06:18:34 GMT 2004

On Sun, Nov 14, 2004 at 11:37:54PM +0000, Gary wrote:

> 8. Installing applications on KDE/Gnome.
> This is dead easy. I chose to do the packages from the CD and FTP.
> One major gripe though. After the install however the installed 
> application shortcuts dont get added to the menu. There seems no easy 
> way of adding them in quickly. I remember there used to be an 
> application you could run that would collect these and add them to the 
> menu. No such *obvious* luck here. This is a pain to say the very least 
> when you are adding loads of apps to get the box done quickly.

Settings / Menu Updating Tool - and I think it took me a while to find
it too.

Just build KDE 3.3.1 from ports (took ages) - OpenOffice next.  Got to
keep the processor busy.

Adrian Wontroba

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