John Murphy sub01 at freeode.co.uk
Sun Nov 14 18:03:01 GMT 2004

John Seago wrote:

>On Sunday 14 Nov 2004 12:00, freebsd-users-request at uk.freebsd.org wrote:
>> Weird indeed.  Perhaps it would be better to download the .iso image
>> of disc1 as you're creating a desktop rather than a server system.
>> It's a big download of course but the packages for xorg and kde are
>> included on the disk, as is the gnome desktop, mozilla and extra
>> packages for kde.  Here's the full list:
>I had in fact downloaded the full ISO of both disk one and two, I had a 
>problem with the mininst. disk, however I'll try using that making a disk 
>and trying another ftp install, is it worth using some differing partition 

If you install by booting a disk burnt with the disk1.iso you shouldn't
need to ftp install anything.  All you need is (probably) on the disk.

I doubt you'd need anything but the default partition scheme.

>I, having little or no experience of BSD have trouble identifying what it 
>is I'm doing wrong. I do know that a large part of the process as outlined 
>in the manual and "The complete FreeBSD" 4th edition which covers version 
>5.0, seems not to be there at all.

The handbook is pretty up-to-date and covers the installation process
quite well I think.  My "The Complete FreeBSD" is older than yours so
I can't comment on that.

You were quite close with your first install, except the root login
problem.  Are you installing at the console? If you're doing this
remotely via ssh you wouldn't have been able to log in as root.  You
would need to log in as a user (who is a member of group wheel) and
then su.

>I will burn a mininst. disk and try that and report back.

Miniinst doesn't have the Xwindows (xorg) install files or the kde
stuff, so disk1 would be better for your purposes.

Don't give up ;)


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