John Seago johnseago at two-ravens.org.uk
Sun Nov 14 16:36:31 GMT 2004

On Sunday 14 Nov 2004 12:00, freebsd-users-request at uk.freebsd.org wrote:
> Weird indeed. =A0Perhaps it would be better to download the .iso image
> of disc1 as you're creating a desktop rather than a server system.
> It's a big download of course but the packages for xorg and kde are
> included on the disk, as is the gnome desktop, mozilla and extra
> packages for kde. =A0Here's the full list:

I had in fact downloaded the full ISO of both disk one and two, I had a=20
problem with the mininst. disk, however I'll try using that making a disk=20
and trying another ftp install, is it worth using some differing partition=

I, having little or no experience of BSD have trouble identifying what it=20
is I'm doing wrong. I do know that a large part of the process as outlined=
in the manual and "The complete FreeBSD" 4th edition which covers version=20
5.0, seems not to be there at all.

I will burn a mininst. disk and try that and report back.

John Seago
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