John Seago johnseago at two-ravens.org.uk
Sat Nov 13 16:24:59 GMT 2004

On Saturday 13 Nov 2004 16:09, John Murphy wrote:

> Try 'which startkde' and if a location is printed on screen then KDE
> is probably installed.  Just replace what's in your .xinitrc with
> 'exec startkde' and then run startx.
> If KDE isn't installed you can download and install the package with
> 'pkg_add -r kde' or by running /stand/sysinstall then navigate to the
> packages menu (you need to be root for the install of course)...

With your advice printed out, I started the install of 5.3 only to find 
that it would now not let me log in as root... Weird. I have therefore 
decided to reinstall and see if I can get it to run correctly this time, 
thank you for your advice.

John Seago
Linux User #219566 (http://counter.li.org)

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