Multiple instances of Apache

David Jenkins david.jenkins at
Thu Nov 11 22:32:44 GMT 2004

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 22:20:36 +0000, Lee Brotherston <lee at> wrote:
> David Jenkins wrote:
> > I definitely agree it's much easier to manage this way, but was hoping
> > if it's not `too'  difficult to run apache + php4 on port 80 and
> > apache + php5 on port 81.
> Hi David
> You could still do that with one apache and 2 configs simultantiously as
> you can set the port and ip bindings in the config.
> However if you really do want two instances it is possible to do this
> from ports by messing with the $PREFIX or compiling manually from source
> with two different install destinations...  The problem with these
> options is that if you intend to manage the software with portupgrade or
> something similar then it could get sticky on that front, although the
> actual install is easy enough.

Thanks for everyone's replies.

Ideally, the route you describe Lee, is the one I'd like to take.

I would like to create a new directory, lets say


Within there, I would like all of apache, PHP5 and it's dependencies.

If that's not too good an idea - perhaps because I would need 2
versions of many ports installed and using portupgrade would be
slightly complicated, then perhaps I should just forget the ports tree
and just

./configure --prefix=/jail --other-things=/usr/local
etc ... from source?

Or is there a much easier way?


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