Multiple instances of Apache

Lee Brotherston lee at
Thu Nov 11 22:20:36 GMT 2004

David Jenkins wrote:
> I definitely agree it's much easier to manage this way, but was hoping
> if it's not `too'  difficult to run apache + php4 on port 80 and
> apache + php5 on port 81.

Hi David

You could still do that with one apache and 2 configs simultantiously as 
you can set the port and ip bindings in the config.

However if you really do want two instances it is possible to do this 
from ports by messing with the $PREFIX or compiling manually from source 
with two different install destinations...  The problem with these 
options is that if you intend to manage the software with portupgrade or 
something similar then it could get sticky on that front, although the 
actual install is easy enough.



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