Multiple instances of Apache

Phil John phil at
Thu Nov 11 22:05:05 GMT 2004

David Jenkins wrote:

>I would like to have 2 instances of Apache installed on the same
>machine. My reasons for doing this are so that I can test PHP4 and
I've got a setup like this running on Windows and it was very difficult 
even then, shared libraries etc. throw a spanner in the works.

You could always run php5 as a cgi and associate it with .php5 scripts 
(and use some mod_rewrite jiggery pockery to rename all .php to .php5 
when you want to test it).

Somthing like:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^([^.]*).php(.*)$   /$1.php5$2

not sure if that's 100% correct (regexp people out there, is it?) but it 
could serve as a good starting point.

A jail may be the best option available.


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