Is portsdb/portupgrade broken?

Michael Abbott michael at
Sun Nov 7 19:15:24 GMT 2004

>> The bug is in the base system, not the ports.  ... The fix ... has been 
>> applied to RELENG_4 ... So update to 4.10-STABLE ... and the problem will 
>> be fixed.
> Odd.  That's what I'm running (4.10p2).  I'll rebuild and try the other 
> things you suggest.


It seems that cvs tag RELENG_4 has the update, but RELENG_4_10 (which is 
what I have selected in my cvsupfile) does not.  Ouch.

Indeed, I just found your message on this very topic:

So, I'd like to ask your advice here.  Really I want the stability of 
4.10, but I want this bug fix; also, I don't want to patch my own sources! 
Was there a compelling reason for not incorporating the patch to 
bt_split.c into current releases, in particular into 4.10?

What unhappy consequences am I going to risk by changing my cvsup tag from 
RELENG_4_10 to RELENG_4?

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