My bootloader is broken

Jon Schneider jon at
Wed Nov 3 08:13:18 GMT 2004

A while ago I installed 4.10 with working F1/F2 (or was it F5 ?) 
prompting  bootloader and more recently

* reinstalled windows
* used Partition Magic to do things to DOS drives (but never move the BSD 
partition) which has done who-knows-what to the partition table

I can now only boot up my system by using the {kern,mfsroot} floppies 
load disk1s2a:/kernel
set currdev=disk1s2a:

and it's absolutely fine.

The root filesystem was always known as ad0s2a and that's what fstab 

Anyway I've tried boot0cfg and done what it says in the handbook (fdisk 
and disklabel with) to no avail. At boot prompt I am given "F1 DOS" which 
works and "F2 FreeBSD" which only beeps.

Going back to what Partition Magic has done (or maybe fixed in its 
DOS Fdisk shows my 2GB "Non-DOS" FreeBSD as the first partition one then 
C: then an extended.

FreeBSD Fdisk shows my primary DOS partition, a BSD one which starts and 
finishes on the same cylinder, overlaps with slice 1 (by being on its 
last cylinder), as slice 2. This does seem unbelievable.

The fullscreen partitioner shows a tiny slither at the beginning, the DOS 
partition as ad0s1, the extended as ad0s3 then the Freebsd ad0s2 (which 
is not insided the extended). NO overlaps.

So short of using a hex editor I no longer have a clue and none of these 
things agree.

Anyway I have suffered many many reboots and am getting rather tired of 
using floppes to get the system up.

What should I try next before the hex editor comes out ?



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