Should I update/updgrade/stay?

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Mon May 31 19:51:37 BST 2004

I have successfully updated ports now :) it was supprisnly easy to get 
it updated... i thought it would take a long time, but it was done in 
about 10minutes

But now, how do i exchange the old version of something for the new... 
like i have apache 1.2.28 but i want to have the new ver 1.3.31 can i 
just do a "make install" and it will replace the old version? or do i 
have to "make deinstall" the old and then install the new version... i 
was hopping to keep all the settings and conf's but a make deinstall 
doesnt seem to keep them for me normally...

Thanks again :-)

Ps = sorry i keep asking alot of questions......


Read this article on portupgrade to find out how to use it after you
have upgraded your ports. NB it has a problem upgrading it's self so
make sure you have the up to date version installed, if not deinstall
and install the lastest version


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