Should I update/updgrade/stay?

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Mon May 31 14:30:21 BST 2004

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On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 02:14:01PM +0100, Grant wrote:

> erm...I had a look at the upgrading from 4.9 to 4.10 using the make=20
> world thing... but i dunno about it being simple... it looks quite=20
> complex for me :-(, unless i read the wrong bit...

Like I said, it seems a lot harder than it really is when you try it.
> The only bit i did find that looked easy was the top part..
> <snip>
> To update your system, you should use the following procedure:
> # make buildworld
> # make buildkernel
> # make installkernel
> # reboot
> You should boot in single user mode (using boot -s from loader prompt=20
> for example). Then run:

(Additionally you will need to run:

  # fsck -p
  # swapon -a
  # mount -a

at this point.)
> # mergemaster -p
> # make installworld
> # mergemaster
> # reboot
> <end snip>=20

Yes -- that is essentially what you have to do.  The hardest part of
all that is running mergemaster, and that's not difficult if you
understand what the diffs it generates are telling you.
> Do i just have to do them steps or have i got to follow the whole page?

Read the whole page: most of it is there to explain exactly what's
happening at each stage and how to recover in certain circumstances.
Stuff like setting up /etc/make.conf, you do the first time you
upgrade and then don't usually need to change subsequently.  Note that
the page implies in one place dropping to single usermode to do the
compilation step: that's very much optional, and generally not
worthwhile on a personal machine.  But you do have to reboot into
single user mode after installing the kernel.

But for a routine upgrade like 4.9 -> 4.10 you probably won't have to
do any more than the series of commands quoted above.
> As you said i dont think i want to delete and reinstall everything now=20
> its working.

Good thing that you chose FreeBSD then...



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