Andrew Boothman andrew at
Sun May 30 15:04:43 BST 2004

Grant wrote:

>>> I was just wondering this morning, do i really need antivirus? the 
>>> reason i thought that was because i run only linux and freebsd boxes 
>>> and i heard that there is very limited virus's that can affect/infect 
>>> a bsd/linux box...
> I do offer a few users that use windows, email accounts.... but i will 
> suggest they grab something their end to solve that problem, and as 
> someone said install something to get rid of the virus spam...
> Also what is this "rootkit attacks" could someone expand of that for 
> me... oh and what i might need to protect myself from them...

I'm not sure where to find information specific to rootkits, but Google 
is probably your friend. You might also want to check out the info on which includes articles on security practices and other 
interesting topics.

> Thanks.
> Grant.
> ps = i think i might give "ClamAV" a wiz... would anyone be able to test 
> it for me once its installed?

The "offical" way to test anti-virus installations is using the EICAR 
test file (see which 
isn't actually a virus but is recognised as such by most (all?) 
anti-virus progs so that you can check they are working, and is actually 
executable under Windows.


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