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On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 10:41:18AM +0100, tom wrote:
> (sorry if this is dumb, its my first on this list)
> I have freebsd box with 2 NIC cards:
> one for the WAN (ADSL);
> one for the LAN.
> I can:
> assign each NIC with a different subnet -
> NIC1 netmask
> NIC2 netmask
> I cant assign each within the same subnet -
> NIC2 netmask
> I can supply all the sysctl and rc.conf and kernel settings
> (ipfw is on, end enable gateway etc) but there might be a
> one liner that sends me on my way  ?
> many thanks
>  tom

If you're trying to setup your FreeBSD box as a "filtering bridge"
then actually, you only need one IP address which you assign to one of
your NICs, and leave the other one without an IP address.  You can
actually make the whole thing work without assigning any IP numbers to
the NICs on the machine at all.  (Although in that case, the box won't
be much use *except* as a filtering bridge).




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