High packet loss :-(

Grant orbman at thingysrealm.myftp.org
Tue May 25 17:48:53 BST 2004

James wrote:

>> ummmm ok... any chance of pointing me to a good read then? (other 
>> than google)
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/networking.html#ICMP-RESPONSE-BW-LIMIT 
>> also this isnt really the type of thing i would read up about unless 
>> i find/found a problem... which i did but i thought it was best to 
>> ask, maybe some other people wondered the same thing... i dunno...
> We're generally used to the ICMP limiting feature of FreeBSD; it's 
> used to avoid 'ping of death' denial of service attacks.
> Note that pinging is a really bad way of metric'ing your network and 
> it's probably one of the reasons people may have seemed snippy.  
> ICMP(8) is a really low level diagnostic tool to see if interfaces 
> answer rather than stress-testing the network.
oh ok, sorry about that then... i see what you mean though... it was 
just in an old post i saw on the internet so i thought i would have a 
try... and then when it came up about lossing packets i was worried, but 
thanks anyways.

also i didnt know that the freebsd handbooks contained that type of 
thing... think thats gonna be my next read :-)

Thanks again

ps = know of any simple stress test tools... or should i just google :-/

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