freebsd on multiprocessor system

Aleks every_aleks at
Sat May 22 16:15:17 BST 2004

Okay, thanks, I'll try it on my MP hardware and I'll post back if any
problems will happen

Thank you

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> On Sat, 22 May 2004 12:07:28 +0400 "Aleks" <every_aleks at> wrote:
> > I'm going to use a system based on two Pentium II (two) processors.
> > What version of freebsd can really work on this system?
> > I have heard freebsd work for couple of days and then crashes.
> > My multiprocessor system will be act as a web server and file sharing
> > with critical data on my intranet with 30-50 users. Can I use freebsd on
> > such system?
> Yes, ofcourse you can use fbsd, just make sure you get version 5.2
> since the 4.x branch doesn't do SMP properly (it sucks ducks when
> it comes to SMP). The 5.x branch has proper SMP capabilities
> and its very stable. I'm using it under several dual athlon systems
> for a year now withou any problems.
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