freebsd on multiprocessor system

Dimitrios sehh at
Sat May 22 13:47:49 BST 2004

On Sat, 22 May 2004 12:07:28 +0400 "Aleks" <every_aleks at> wrote:

> I'm going to use a system based on two Pentium II (two) processors.
> What version of freebsd can really work on this system?
> I have heard freebsd work for couple of days and then crashes.
> My multiprocessor system will be act as a web server and file sharing server
> with critical data on my intranet with 30-50 users. Can I use freebsd on
> such system?

Yes, ofcourse you can use fbsd, just make sure you get version 5.2
since the 4.x branch doesn't do SMP properly (it sucks ducks when
it comes to SMP). The 5.x branch has proper SMP capabilities
and its very stable. I'm using it under several dual athlon systems
for a year now withou any problems.

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