hosting in the UK

Geffy geffy at
Tue May 18 11:21:03 BST 2004

Dimitrios wrote:
> A bit offtopic...
> but what is the current state of hosting services in the UK?
> because looking at some US hosting services, it seems their
> offered hosting space has skyrocketed up to 20gigs (for $17
> a month)! and for $4 its 'just' 5gigs!
> URL:
> Are there similar hosting services in the UK?
> I've been left behind because last time i checked,
> for around $10 you could only get 250 to 500megs.
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I used to use for UK based hosting, they use FreeBSD 
servers, but I took my domain from them and transfered it back to my 
hosting with in the US because I didnt really like php 
with safe mode on, and dividing up my bandwidth and storage between my 
subdomains, but other than that it was nice to use and their support was 
good. Prices all fairly good as well, so I do recommend them.


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