hosting in the UK

Paul Civati paul at
Mon May 17 17:34:31 BST 2004

Dimitrios <sehh at> wrote:

> but what is the current state of hosting services in the UK?

Bandwidth prices are coming down.

> because looking at some US hosting services, it seems their
> offered hosting space has skyrocketed up to 20gigs (for $17
> a month)! and for $4 its 'just' 5gigs!

The market has become very competitive, bandwidth prices are 
dropping (this is only quite recently also happening in the UK),
plus there are a mix of providers selling low budget services in
bulk (with small margins) and inexperienced people selling things
at pricing which isn't sustainable.

> Are there similar hosting services in the UK?

Not quite at those levels (and you would probably not want to use
one), but pricing is becoming better.


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