4.9 or 5.2.1

Grant orbman at thingysrealm.myftp.org
Thu May 13 15:26:41 BST 2004

Frank Shute wrote:

>On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 11:16:24AM +0100, Grant wrote:
>>me again...
>>Just wondering which would be best for a new server i am going to 
>>install up in the next few days, the things it will/should be running are:
>>Apache for about 4 sites
>>MySQL 4 about 5databases mainly small ones, like forums
>>XMail  simple for me to use so i picked it :)
>>NFS shares
>>oh and somewhere i can check sites are working... so i was thinking 
>>maybe a small window manager something like icewm not sure yet...
>>So what would you people recommend for a setup like that then?
>>oh allmost forgot the specs:
>>P3 1ghz
>>386mb ram
>>9.1gb Scsi  (system drive)
>>40gb IDE   (data)
>>3Com Nic and a SMC Nic (not sure on model number's yet)
>>onboard graphics, intel something...
>>SCSI card adaptec.
>>Hope that helps :)
>Use 4.9
>That hardware is likely to be supported and you'll likely run into
>less problems. Check the hardware compatibility first though.
>I wouldn't install X on a server. I'd use another machine (ie. your
>workstation) to browse the sites and admin the server via ssh and a
>terminal with screen (misc/screen). Installing and configuring X is a
>waste of effort IMO since presumably you want to run the server
>without a monitor once you've set it up (saves space).
>I'd also install Apache/MySQL/PHP on your desktop so that you can test
>out any changes you may make before fiddling with the server and
>potentially blowing things up.
ok, i think 4.9 is going to be best for me then, i also think now as you 
said about installing a X on the server, it will be a little bit of a 
waste of space....

but what i wanted X for was so i could get a VNCserver start up each 
time and then i could just connect via that to do commands and browse 
the sites... and i could just close it and come back to it and it would 
have all my things still there... but i dunno about that now.

oh also does freebsd support read/write to FAT32 filesystems... as i got 
a USB drive i use for backups so its kinda of needed... unless i change 
the filesystem.

Thanks again

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