4.9 or 5.2.1

Geffy geffy at geffychan.co.uk
Thu May 13 13:14:09 BST 2004

I have been using 5.2.1 on a server of similar specs without any
problems at all. But 4.9 is still the recommended production release.

You can always check to see which one will support your hardware
FreeBSD 4.9 -
FreeBSD 5.2.1 - http://www.freebsd.org/releases/5.2.1R/hardware-i386.html

Also if by "somewhere i can check sites are working" you mean a browser
to make sure that apache is serving pages then you could use lynx or
elinks and check the sites via the console.

Hope this is the sort of info you were looking for,

Grant wrote:
 > Hi,
 > me again...
 > Just wondering which would be best for a new server i am going to
 > install up in the next few days, the things it will/should be running 
 > Apache for about 4 sites
 > PHP
 > MySQL 4 about 5databases mainly small ones, like forums
 > XMail  simple for me to use so i picked it :)
 > NFS shares
 > oh and somewhere i can check sites are working... so i was thinking
 > maybe a small window manager something like icewm not sure yet...
 > So what would you people recommend for a setup like that then?
 > oh allmost forgot the specs:
 > P3 1ghz
 > 386mb ram
 > 9.1gb Scsi  (system drive)
 > 40gb IDE   (data)
 > 3Com Nic and a SMC Nic (not sure on model number's yet)
 > onboard graphics, intel something...
 > SCSI card adaptec.
 > Hope that helps :)
 > Thanks in advance
 > Grant.
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