Delay sendmail?

Frank Shute frank at
Mon May 10 15:14:44 BST 2004

On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 11:54:00PM +0100, Grant wrote:

> Ummmm yea sounds a good idea about replacing sendmail... but i am
> not sure if i can... as i was using as part of XMail..... so i
> assumed i needed it for that... 
> i dont quite follow on that DNS thing you said about, would that get
> rid of it trying to lookup things at startup even if the network
> card isnt up yet?

I'll precis what your options are as I see them:

* Configure sendmail so that it doesn't do DNS lookups when started.

* Configure sendmail so that it starts later in the boot process.

* Run a nameserver locally so that the lookups are resolved.

* Dump sendmail for another MTA.

I can't help you with 1 because I don't know if it can be done with
Sendmail. It could be a case of just flushing your queue - it could be
doing NS lookups because there's a bit of mail wedged in the queue.

2 probably can be done but I haven't got Sendmail installed so I can
neither test nor help. 

For 3 I suggest running pdnsd. You then don't need a network
connection to resolve cached addresses and because of that you don't
need a network connection.

4 is a decision for you ie. will another MTA meet my featureset. It
may well do DNS lookups also. Qmail does if it wants to sends mail to
another host.

What you do is dependent on your skills and your needs and without
further info it's difficult to recommend any one course of action
that's best for you.

I'm off cycling now but will be back in the evening if you've got
other questions :)

Figure out Sendmail problems or go out cycling in the
sun....decisions, decisions.....;)



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