gerald davies gerald_davies at
Mon May 3 12:52:35 BST 2004

i'm using java 1.4  patchset 6 on fbsd 5.2.  it seems to run okay as far as 
i'm aware.

i installed it for the sun java plugin for fireforx, which i know seems a 
very convoluted method.  IIRC you need the sun linux java binary, java 
sources, and the patchset.  it took years to compile on one of my P3s, but 
such is life ;-)


>From: Grant <orbman at>
>To: freebsd-users at
>Subject: JAVA?
>Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 11:50:25 +0100
>I need a little help, I want to install desknow mail server 
>( but it requires java.
>The problem is that I cant find a new version of Java for freebsd, the only 
>ones i can find are linux versions, but i have heard that they run somewhat 
>So, does anyone know where i might find a new version of java for freebsd, 
>or an alternative to the mail server i want to use.
>Also I have looked in the ports dir, but they seem to be older versions of 
>linux versions.
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