Intel Email Station [Was: New member (and new to BSD)]

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Wed Jun 30 19:30:39 BST 2004

>From what I remember of these they don't use an installed OS as such
they boot from flash memory, so the answer is sadly no. You could try
the intel site for updates but stuff like this went out of production 4
or 5 years ago.
On the management side I seem to recall they had a built in HTTP
interface for user accounts and such.

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>On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 03:24:33PM +0100, Matthew Miles wrote:
>> I have an intel email station which uses a cut down version of
>> freeBSD as its OS.  Its only usable via telnet.  Is there any way
>> that I can upgrade the OS in this device?
>Can you run dmesg(8) and post its output to the list?  That should
>give us enough information to help.
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