HP omnibook

Grant orbman at thingysrealm.myftp.org
Wed Jun 30 18:29:20 BST 2004


I got myself a HP omnibook 4150A, P2 300mhz, 256mb ram, 6.4gb drive.

The problem i have is that i can start and install freebsd 4.10 and 
5.2.1 perfect!.

But when i have finished the install and boot from the hard drive the 
laptop just locks up solid on this:

"agp0: <Intel 82443BX (440 BX) host to PCI bridge>"

So my question is, can i get past this without having to install an old 
version of freebsd which i saw mentioned in some other groups, the 
reason i dont want to use an old version then update is that i havnt a 
clue on how to update to different versions, i have read the handbook 
but it still seems very complex... so could someone suggest another way 
or point me to a very simple guide for updating...


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