Grant orbman at
Sun Jun 27 19:23:22 BST 2004


I was looking around today and have found a few programs that allow 
ghosting and imaging of drives but theses are for windows, i was 
wondering what is there in terms of cloning a whole drive or machine to 
something like an FTP server.

What i have is a few pc's that are configured just how i like, but when 
i tinker with them i am scared that i will mess them right up, so i was 
hoping to image them, then i can restore them later.

The programs i have seen though require me to run the server from a boot 
floppy/cd and then do the same on each client, i was hopping to find 
something that will just run on the server (freebsd of cors ;)) and then 
the clients maybe a floppy boot and then image to the server :)

Thanks in advance.

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