Another ports / packages question

Geffy geffy at
Sat Jun 26 10:15:06 BST 2004

Chris Rodgers wrote:
> Hi
> I have a FreeBSD box at home which acts as a dial-up server and runs a few
> little things for me. It's running 5.1-RELEASE and I don't see any pressing
> reason to upgrade at the moment. However, I am not sure what to do about the
> ports. I CVSup'ed them recently, but this now means that my ports tree has
> got ahead of the binary packages available on the FreeBSD servers. Since the
> machine is old and rather slow, this is making adding any new software a
> painful process! :-)
> What should I do? Do I put my ports tree back to the one in 5.1-RELEASE and
> just use the packages from the CD back then, is there some alternative
> download site for packages for older OS versions, or is it easy to build the
> packages on a faster machine and then just install them on the slow one (how
> closely must the configurations of these two machines match each other)?
> Many thanks in advance for your help / suggestions
> Chris Rodgers.
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You can build them on a faster machine using
make package-recursive
which will build the port and all of its dependencies. The port is 
installed on the machine which is building it, and a *.tbz package of 
the port is then created in the ports directory.
It should be fine to do this as long as the architectures of the two 
machines is the same.

If you look at line 528 of /usr/ports/Mk/ it will give you a 
list of the different make arguments which you can use to get different 
things done.


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