Use both cpu...

Grant orbman at
Wed Jun 23 19:07:13 BST 2004

john_oshea at wrote:

> At 4:17 pm +0100 23/6/04, Grant wrote:
>> I get "portinstall: Command not found." when i try it as root and i 
>> get "portinstall: not found" when i try from a normal user, i assume 
>> that means i dont have that installed... i had a look for it as well 
>> but i cant find it using locate... also tried searching ports on 
>> but i couldnt find it there...
> portinstall is installed as part of the portupgrade port 
> (/usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade) - it'll be in /usr/local/sbin if 
> it's installed in its standard location - hth

Got portupgrade all installed and working :) i tried the portinstall and 
it works a dream! with both CPU's! :P

Thanks all for the help!, one last little thing... what -j value should 
i use? i thought the higher the better? or have i heard wrong...

Thanks again all!

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