Problems installing apache2 [for subversion] via ports

john_oshea at john_oshea at
Wed Jun 23 12:57:06 BST 2004

At 12:26 pm +0000 23/6/04, Geffy wrote:
>you need to compile with
>cd /usr/ports/www/apache2/
>make install clean WITH_BERKELEYDB=db42
>not the -DWITH.... as thats for something without a value associated 
>with it like the mod_php is -DWITH_APACHE2 as that is saying 
>directly to use apache2 if you get my meaning

I do. I obviously just assumed it should be something -D defined. Of 
course, having re-checked the documentation there're examples showing 
lots of make commands with no -D in sight anywhere. Duh  :)

Thanks for the speedy answer - cheers

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