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Antony T Curtis antony.t.curtis at
Wed Jun 23 11:02:47 BST 2004

On Wed, 2022-06-22 at 18:10, Grant wrote:
> Hi,
> On my dual cpu box i cant find a way of making anything i make in ports 
> use both cpu's, i can tell make to use both CPU's when i use other 
> things that i have downloaded but i was wondering is there something i 
> need to add so that it will work for ports as well?
> i have tried just a make -j 12 but it errors so i think there must be a 
> different way? or did i tell it to do too many :)

12 is a bit high for a dual SMP box... but it shouldn't cause errors.

I personally find a uniprocessor machine compiles well with -j 3
I expect a P4 with hyperthreading to work ok with -j 3
A true SMP machine, I would use 2*NCPU for the value.

Antony T Curtis <antony.t.curtis at>

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