OT: Google adword experiences

Dave Tiger dave at tigeri.com
Tue Jun 22 17:19:56 BST 2004

Thanks James for the sanity check.

I thought is was me or something I was doing wrong.

I have made screenshots but I do agree trading standards don=92t seem to
understand the issue.

Thank you once again

Dave Carrera

UK Web Hosting @ http://www.ephgroup.com =20

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Dave Tiger wrote:

Removed list....

> I ask as when we signed up the ad creation and keyword estimator gave=20
> us what we thought was a good deal and so we completed the signup=20
> process.
> 24 hours later we find that the promises made at signup time are=20
> completely misleading and we have had to increase our keyword price by =

> a factor of 25 and the maximum daily spend by 5.

In terms of 'misleading', I'll agree that it is, but that's the nature=20
of today's internet.  You could try complaining to them, but I'd=20
definately get screengrabs of the estimates you were given at the time=20
when you signed up.  Misleading advertising is still prosecutable,=20
although trading standards are headless chickens at the moment because=20
of the vast growth of online shopping.  There's very little control out=20
there, and even 'Which' got out of the award/badging scheme they ran=20
because of the cost.

I've looked into adwords before now, and as a method of driving traffic=20
it's a bit 'hit and miss'...hell, I'm having trouble getting google to=20
even spider some of my sites for free listing, and this is not down to=20
'cheating' or anything as course as that...the spider just isn't =

> We have followed their tips and suggestions to the letter but are=20
> getting penalized because they are not showing the impressions and=20
> delivering the clicks their tools suggest we will achieve.

Again, SEO and the like are almost voodoo.  I sell results-based SEO to=20
my clients, and I've done a huge amount of work for free simply because=20
I'm not getting results.  Even paid-for listings don't seem to operate=20
correctly/at all, so watch yourself around 'askjeeves'...for one thing=20
they have two completely different programmes.

> Is or has anyone else had similar experiences and once again I=20
> apologise for being way off topic.

Yeah...I have a client that uses adwords, and the clickthru stats don't=20
match the stats collected by the webserver, but it's very much a YMMV=20


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