OT: Google adword experiences

Dave Tiger dave at tigeri.com
Tue Jun 22 12:19:01 BST 2004

Hi List,

Sorry for being completely OT but I would like to know if anyone else is
having a crazy time with Googles adword system lately.

I ask as when we signed up the ad creation and keyword estimator gave us
what we thought was a good deal and so we completed the signup process.

24 hours later we find that the promises made at signup time are =
misleading and we have had to increase our keyword price by a factor of =
and the maximum daily spend by 5.

We have followed their tips and suggestions to the letter but are =
penalized because they are not showing the impressions and delivering =
clicks their tools suggest we will achieve.

Is or has anyone else had similar experiences and once again I apologise =
being way off topic.

Yours Truly

Dave Carrera

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