Checking domain ns records are pointing to us

Matt Dawson matt at
Fri Jun 18 16:19:22 BST 2004

On Friday 18 Jun 2004 16:11, Ceri Davies wrote:
> The difference is that just because you host the domain, it doesn't mean
> that you have anything to do with the domain's mail handling (or even
> that the domain handles mail).

Indeed. However, the OP asked if there was some way to check this, and I 
assumed he would like this to be automated in some way, perhaps to check his 
clients' MX records for validity in case of mail routing problems where he 
has no control over the DNS. A script calling dig to check MX records and 
running sed to strip out the authoritative mail server from the results 
sounded to me like the way to go, but perhaps I misread.

> I was a bit short before; apologies if that came over in an asshole kind
> of way.

Not at all. If I'm misleading a poster, I'd rather be pulled up than make 
their life harder.

Matt Dawson.

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