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On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 06:26:05PM +0100, David Jenkins wrote:
> Matthew Seaman wrote:

> >Yes.  Just take a copy of /etc/termcap and delete everything outside
> >the section dealing with the cons terminal types.  Copy that over to
> >your Linux box, process it through captoinfo, directing the result to
> >a file 'cons.tinfo', and install that in the appropriate place in the
> >terminfo directory and you should be good to go.

> Thanks for the reply Matthew. I have tried what you suggested but=20
> something seemed to go wrong when running captoinfo.
> I removed all non cons25 references from my copy of /etc/termcap - I=20
> left *all* of the cons25 and variations of in there.
> I copied this to my Linux machine, called it termcap and ran
> $ captoinfo termcap > cons25.tinfo
> This give a lot of errors to stdout and also created a *text file*=20
> called cons25.tinfo

Hmmm... those looked mostly like warnings to me.  The .tinfo file
you've generated seems reasonable enough, not that I have a huge
degree of familiarity with the terminfo data format.
> I checked the other files in /etc/terminfo and these appear to be binary=
> files, so I've obviously done something wrong :-(

Ah.  No -- you haven't gone wrong.  It's just that there is another
stage or processing, something I missed at first.  The last step is to
run tic(1M) on the .tinfo file:

    # tic cons25.tinfo

-- that should compile the terminfo source and install the compiled
date under /usr/share/terminfo.  See=20


for more details.



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