LPD printer queue management from Windoze clients?

Keith France keith at fcomsrv.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 11:35:09 BST 2004


At one of our clients we are running standard BSD lpd printing service on 
their FreeBSD server which has Windows 9x and XP workstations attached in 
the usual way using samba for file serving, print serving and PDC services.
The printers are networked, but jobs are spooled on the server before being 
sent to the printers. At times jobs in the print queues can get "stuck" and 
require intervention often in the form of being removed. Currently this 
requires one of us here to logon to the server to sort out the queue.

Has any one come across a means of managing the printing queue from Windows 
workstations in such a way that a none UNIX person would be comfortable 
with: i.e. a GUI front end similar to the CUPS one?

Or are you all going to tell me to use CUPS instead of  LPD services :-))


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