Email auto responder question ?

Robert Myles rob at
Mon Jun 7 13:22:31 BST 2004


Cyrus IMAP includes Sieve which does server-side mail filtering.

There is documentation here:

and there are man pages for the utilities to install and manipulate sieve 


and some docs are installed with the port:


I've never used these utilities - I use Mulberry as my mail client which 
has support for sieve scripts built in. It talks to timsieved(8)

I tested vacation responses with sieve very briefly. It was a while ago, 
but it worked. Here's an example:

require ["vacation"];
       :days 1
       :addresses ["joe at"]
       :subject "Out of the office"
       "I will be out of the office Friday, July 19 through Wednesday, July 
24. In an emergency, you can call 2-xxxx and ask to speak to Dr. John Doe.
Otherwise, I will respond to your email after I return on the 25th.";

The white space is important!



--On 07 June 2004 13:07 +0100 Dave Tiger <dave at> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I use postfix - Cyrus - clamav - spamassin for my email needs but I cant
> work out how to setup an email auto responder for one of my users
> accounts. He wants every one to know he's on holiday (lucky fellow :-)
> Could someone point me to a url or explain how I go about making one
> please.
> Thank you in advance for any help
> Dave C
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