Domain name usage question ?

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Fri Jun 4 19:20:33 BST 2004

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>Hi List,
>I have a fully functioning dns (bind 9) and apache (1.3.xx) on FreeBSD
>that shows pages for (not real domain name) but how do
>adjust the system to accept just (without the www) to show
>pages dose.
>I cant quite work out how to do it from the docs and so I ask the list
>someone could help me with and explanation on how to do this please.
>Thank you in advance for any help, examples or guidance with this.
>Dave Carrera

I hate to say this but what you are trying will confuse DNS.  Your DNS
server is setup to be authoritative for the domain  a node
cannot have the same name as the domain. named.conf should have an entry
Zone "" {
type master;
file ""

what you are attempting to do is add a node called example to the domain
.org which is a root zone. 
So all in all a bad idea. If you try it on the internet you will find redirected to
If you could tell us why you want to do this perhaps a more appropriate
solution could be suggested. 


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