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Fri Jun 4 17:54:05 BST 2004

Ok thanks for your help
I started to download / install the .rpm's 
to my server got to the compat-db-3.3.11-2.i386.rpm file & could not
find it :( so the install aborted. 
I managed to find a copy in the end & then copied it on to my server
Then re installed the linux_base-8 & it now works  :)

It only took me a week to do 
But it's only the second week of using freebsd so I think I'm doing ok 


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On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 10:24:24PM +0100, Jonathan wrote:

> I'm trying to run a CoD (Call of Duty) server
> On FreeBSD 5.2.1  & I need linux_base-8 package for binary
> But I cannot find it any where. Found the linux_base-7.X but not the 8

> Can any one help?

You won't find a package of sysutils/linux_base-8, as there's a
restriction on redistribution of that software (from the port

    RESTRICTED=             "binaries under GNU GPL without accompanying

Just install via the ports.  It's hardly different from installing a
package anyhow, as the port simply downloads and unpacks a load of



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