Should I update/updgrade/stay?

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Tue Jun 1 21:16:12 BST 2004

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On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 08:41:12PM +0100, Grant wrote:
> oh also, over the past few days i have installed quite a bit from the=20
> ports collection... now i keep forgetting to do a "make clean" after=20
> everything to clean up.... could i just cd to /usr/ports and run a make=
> clean from there? that way it will just clean everything out that i have=
> used? or is there a better way of doing the clean :)

Just doing a 'make clean' in /usr/ports will work, but takes
approximately forever.  Try:

    # cd /usr/ports
    # make clean -DNOCLEANDEPENDS

or, since you have portupgrade(1) installed:

    # portsclean -C

either of which will achieve the same end, but do it a lot faster.



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