Should I update/updgrade/stay?

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Tue Jun 1 19:19:58 BST 2004

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>>>On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 07:51:37PM +0100, Kevin O'Connor wrote:
>>>>Read this article on portupgrade to find out how to use it after you
>>>>have upgraded your ports. NB it has a problem upgrading it's self so
>>>>make sure you have the up to date version installed, if not
>>>>and install the lastest version
>>>Yes -- an excellent article, well worth reading.
>>>I take issue with saying that portupgrade has problems upgrading
>>>itself though.  That simply isn't the case in my experience.
>>>to portupgrade have always gone in very smoothly -- there was one
>>>the other day.
>>>Portupgrade did have a real problem a few months ago handling the
>>>upgrade of ruby-1.6 to ruby-1.8 (ruby is the language portupgrade is
>>>written in).  There was a rather long-winded procedure added to
>>>/usr/ports/UPDATING explaining how to make it all work (search for
>>>20040226 datestamp).  But that's irrelevant if this is the first time
>>>you're installing anything that uses ruby and you've got a recent
>>>of the ports tree.
>>>	Cheers,
>>>	Matthew
>>I speak only as I've found it, every time portupgrade has tried to
>>upgrade it's self I've encountered a failure both with 4.9 and 5.21.
>>I've never had a problem with upgrading all the other ports I use.
>>Perhaps I need to review my initial procedures for installing cvsup
>>portupgrade. I'll investigate further on my next clean build
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>hey all!
>I got ports to update... and i told it to upgrade what is installed...
>*most* of it upgraded without any problems, but i have noticed a
>problem, once i upgraded the ports "portupgrade" disappeared and
>work, so i went and did a make install again, but it told me it was
>allready installed, which it was before the upgrade.
>so it told me to do a make deinstall or a make reinstall, the reinstall
>didnt work, so i had to deinstall then make install, is this normal for
>a port update/upgrade? i also had to do it for expat for apache to
>upgrade, is there a way i can make it more automated?
>but most of the packages upgraded perfect, the command i used was
>"portupgrade -arR" which was meant to satisfy the dependancys? or have
>got the wrong option?
>Thank again.

Looks like you hit the same problem I keep finding but the uninstall and
clean install fixes it for future use. Did you install portupgrade
before doing the cvsup to update the ports?

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